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Web privacy and security during Rio Olympics

Jul 30, 2016 · 3 min read

Web privacy and security during Rio Olympics

Why You Need a VPN for the Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio Olympics is set to start in just a few days, on Friday August 5th. More than half a million people are expected to visit Brazil to watch the games live, and for good reason.

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The Olympics have been a popular international event since 1896, offering a chance for athletes to showcase their talents to the world, and the host country and city to show their beauty to everyone.

However, the chosen country this year, Brazil, has been undergoing quite a few problems that include corruption scandals, continued concerns for Zika virus, recent impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff, all adding to the delays in the construction and completion of many important locations.

Beyond that, internet privacy and security in the country is a growing concern.

Threats to Your Privacy

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Brazil’s cyber crime bills threaten to invade the privacy and security of all those people connecting to the internet form within the country’s borders.

The Brazilian Parliamentary Commission of Inquire (CPI) on Cybercrimes, as part of the House of Representatives, is attempting to create several internet cybercrime bills.

These aim to restrict, lower, or cancel many of the safeguards won in Brazil’s much-lauded Marco Civil internet civil rights law, and give the government much greater powers of surveillance and interception.

We’ve written before on the proposed bill.  Since then, the country’s Parliamentary Commission on Cybercrime has approved the CPICIBER report, as it is known, with a few updates.

For those visiting the country for the Rio Olympics games, that means they will also be open to its provisions, depending on when it will be implemented.

Those provisions include warrantless access to IP addresses, blocking local and foreign websites and content at will, criminalization for the “risk of misuse or disclosure of data,” and others.

Many of these actions will be done without your knowledge, and your private information could be surveilled at will, and your actions online severely restricted.

Beyond that, the threat of cybercrimes in general in Brazil is still daunting.

The country has recently been listed as one of the top 5 cybercrime locations in the world.  Hackers are willing and able to steal as much of people’s personal information as possible, hoping it will lead to their sensitive accounts.

For them, the Rio Olympics games is set to be a goldmine, with festivities, celebrations, and loosening focus on personal privacy.

How VPNs can help

VPNs are the go-to solution for ensuring your privacy and security anywhere, especially abroad.

Remember, the technology allows you to connect to a server in any location you choose, so that all your communication will seem to be coming from that location. This essentially hides your true location and, with NordVPN’s advanced security features, offers very strong encryption to keep your information secure.

You can use it across all your devices, whether you have iOS, Android, or anything else in between.

The service will even allow you to access your favorite programs and applications like WhatsApp, Pandora, and many others while abroad, so you don’t miss anything while you’re watching the games.

Got any other tips and tricks for people attending the Olympics in Rio? Let us know in the comments below!

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