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Don’t play with fire: Get a VPN for your laptop

Mar 15, 2018 · 3 min read

Don’t play with fire: Get a VPN for your laptop

Of all of your devices, your laptop is probably at the greatest risk of being targeted by hackers or prying surveillance. Getting a VPN for laptop is critically important so you can keep your vulnerable data safe.

The perfect storm

There are three core factors that make laptops so vulnerable:


At home, your desktop computer (and your laptop, for that matter) enjoys the luxury of connecting to your own private router. You can set yourself a secure home network password and install tools that will help you stay safe.

As soon as you take your laptop to a cafe, airport, or some other public Wifi hotspot, you expose it to a potential data theft free-for-all. In fact, some studies suggest almost 25% of the world’s Wifi hotspots are unencrypted. As SecureList explains, “This basically means that by using an antenna capable of sending and receiving data at 2.4 GHz, any individual located near an access point can easily intercept and store all user traffic and then browse it for data they are interested in.” And that doesn’t mean that the remaining 75% of hotspots are all secure, as some use outdated encryption tools that are easy to penetrate.

Of course, your laptop is probably not your only mobile device. That’s why you need a VPN that supports multiple devices. NordVPN supports six, so you can secure your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet, and still have slots left over for your family.


Because laptops operate with standard computer operating systems, they tend to be more susceptible to vulnerabilities (when it comes to viruses). Not all OS were created equal, but hackers and scammers have had more time to craft powerful viruses to target them. This may change with time due to the widespread use of smartphones, but that’s the security landscape we live in today.


The last part of the puzzle involves how we use our laptops. For many users, they are important work tools. They can contain sensitive documents, bank account information, employee data, trade secrets, and other valuable information. This makes them ideal targets for malicious hackers.

Even if it’s not a work tool, it’s common to keep your desktop and laptop synced so that you have the same files available when you travel. If you go abroad, you expose all of the files you keep on your desktop safely at home to a less secure environment.

Any of these three aspects are a good reason to get a VPN for laptop. When you put them together, however, failing to secure it seems downright irresponsible.

The best VPN for laptop

Public Wifi hotspots are convenient but dangerous places to use your laptop.

A VPN won’t solve all of your laptop security problems, but it will solve one of the most important ones – online vulnerability. When using a VPN with powerful encryption, nobody can read the data you transfer – not hackers, not corporations, and not even governments.

Your best bet is a full-featured program. Beyond military-grade encryption, NordVPN provides a wide range of other benefits that will make your laptop more secure and your online browsing more private.

However, a VPN can’t cover every cyber threat. Just as with any device you use to browse the internet, you can become its greatest vulnerability if you’re not careful. Phishing emails and other types of social engineering bypass powerful security measures by going straight for the user. Read about the most common types of social engineering attacks to make sure you don’t compromise your laptop’s security.

Fortunately, NordVPN’s CyberSec feature helps you avoid malicious websites and malware. When you enable this feature, NordVPN will block you from entering or viewing sites or ads on CyberSec’s blacklist. It’s not a complete solution to avoiding online malware, but it’s another step towards keeping you safe online.

There are other benefits to using NordVPN on a laptop. We offer a lot of servers to connect to – 5131 and counting. In addition to allowing you to browse the internet from other countries, NordVPN will also allow your laptop to “return home” to your native country when you travel. Some online services aren’t available in all countries, so browsing from your native country while you travel lets you access your favorite services on the go.

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