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Vodafone Germany Will Start Offering Data Encryption

Vodafone Germany has announced it will start offering SIM card-based, end-to-end mobile communication encryption to corporate customers and public sectors. This move is aimed to provide a sensitive data protection.

The Secure SIM Data solution allows users to encrypt their emails, data carriers, documents, VPN connections using a digital signature and a pin before sending the data. The recipient will be able to decrypt the data using the same pin. No additional hardware will be needed.

For e-mail exchanges the S/MIME encryption is used by the Secure SIM Data, as well as PGP encryption is on their plans. This service may also be used to encrypt data storage devices like hard drives, USB sticks. This will ensure that employees will keep their data safe when travelling and even in the event of theft, the data will not be possible to look at.

The combination of NordVPN + Vodafone’s new security solution would definitely raise your mobile security. If you have an account with us, do not forget to secure your mobile as well as your computer. Here are the instructions to set up VPN with Android and iPhone.

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