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Why you need a VPN on Android

Mar 30, 2018 · 4 min read

Why you need a VPN on Android

If you take your Android smartphone with you wherever you go, you may be exposing it to plenty of threats. Use a VPN for Android to keep all of your personal data secure.

What does a VPN do?

A VPN is a powerful tool that helps keep your online traffic private and secure. There are two key ways it does this. The first is by encrypting your traffic using military-grade encryption so that nobody can read it – not even hackers, the government, or your internet service provider! The other is to send your traffic through a secure server (that can be located almost anywhere in the world), thereby masking your IP address.

Although they may be enticing, avoid free VPNs. As the saying goes, if a product or service is free, you’re the product. Free VPNs make money by selling your data to advertisers or injecting your traffic with their own ads. A full-featured, paid VPN doesn’t have to do any of those things because it’s supported by user subscriptions.

In addition, free VPNs lack many of the additional security features that premium VPNs offer. NordVPN, for example, provides a wide array of features that even many other premium VPNs don’t have, like support for 6 devices.

Why use VPN in Android?

People don’t usually think of smartphones when they think of VPNs, but they should. Public Wifi spots, as convenient as they are, are one of the most insecure places you can be when it comes to cybersecurity. It’s relatively easy for anyone with a small, hidden radio antenna and a computer to intercept your data and hack your most sensitive accounts. Even 4G isn’t as secure as people think it is. It isn’t always encrypted, and organized hackers can erect fake service towers in remote areas or use urban signal boosters to intercept signals.

That makes it especially important to use a VPN on your mobile device. By encrypting your traffic, NordVPN makes it much safer to connect to public Wifi hotspots.

But what if you don’t use public Wifi? There are plenty of other features that make NordVPN an excellent VPN for Android. Use any one of its 5888 servers and choose from 59 countries around the world, ensuring that you can enjoy any geo-restricted services while traveling. Enable the CyberSec feature to block a long blacklist of malicious sites that will infect unsuspecting users’ phones with malware.

Built-in VPN vs a VPN app

Hold on just a moment – Android comes with a free built-in VPN client. What does that mean, and why would you then buy a full-featured VPN like NordVPN?

Android’s built-in VPN feature is just a client, not the entire service. It can connect to a VPN server that you set up (or that a company like NordVPN sets up for you), but it can’t actually protect your traffic on its own.

Android's VPN client is best left to advanced users.

Some users might prefer using their own server or connecting to a NordVPN server through their Android VPN client. However, NordVPN provides you with 5888 pre-configured servers in 59 different countries, including special servers optimized for P2P file sharing, streaming, or additional security. Most users will not be able to maintain such a server on their own.

NordVPN also provides 24/7 tech support, CyberSec, DNS leak protection, double encryption, Onion over VPN, and a total of 6 installations for your other devices. Your built-in Android VPN client will strip away these and many other integrated services, while the app will let you enable or disable them.

How to use NordVPN on Android

We’ve made it as easy as possible to use our VPN on Android. Start by going to the Google Play store and downloading our app. Use this link or go to our website to get the right app, because there are apps on the store trying to imitate ours.

NordVPN app on GooglePlay

Once the app has finished installing, open it. If you’re a new subscriber, tap the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the instructions. If you already have an account, simply log in. Whether you’ve created a new account or logged in with an existing one, you can immediately click on Quick Connect or click on the gear icon to check your settings.

It's so easy to start using NordVPN!


Alternatively, you can browse the Map or the List panel to select the right country or server for you. The List panel also allows you to connect to special servers optimized for different online services or with specialized cyber security features.

Quickly access specific servers

When you see the gateway notification icon and the key icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, you know you’re secure.


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