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Unlock VoiP services and Gaming in Morocco

Maroc Telecom – the largest Morocco Internet Service provider blocks VoiP services (including VoiP and WhatsApp), while also limiting access to several online gaming sites. The reasons for the block is not entirely known, but several reddit and social media messages confirm reports of connection problems.

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Unblock VoiP services and gaming with a VPN

VPN is a virtual private network which tunnels your traffic by hiding your IP address and routing your traffic through a VPN server in another location.

Connecting to the internet via VPN service is probably the most common and easiest way to bypass the block and access VoiP services like Skype. A VPN tunnels all your requests through a secure pathway, bypassing government and the ISPs surveillance. All your online data gets encrypted, preventing snoopers from monitoring it.

How does it work

NordVPN can be set up on an internet enabled device. Install NordVPN application on your device and choose a server, where you want your connection to appear. If you are in Morocco and connect to the US server on the NordVPN app – you will appear to be in the US. Upon successful connection – your traffic is encrypted and your data is secured – allowing you to browse desired content, like VoiP  that you have just unblocked.

NordVPN provides you with the option to choose from a list of servers (500+s servers, across 48 countries). You can choose either a server nearest to you to gain good speed or if you wish to lower the call costs then you can choose a country’s IP where the call rates are cheaper for e.g. the USA.

The easiest way to set up a VPN is to download the VPN Client. You just need to download an app for your device, install it, and then hit connect – unblocking the popular video chat service, online gaming and any other blocked internet content!

Emergency VPN

If you need a short term VPN access – please visit our Emergency VPN access page.


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