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Unlock Sports Streaming: UEFA

Jun 08, 2016 · 2 min read

Unlock Sports Streaming: UEFA

This Friday, France will host the 2016 UEFA European Championship, also known as the Euro 2016, with two-time champion Spain defending the title.  With “the beautiful game” steadily gaining in popularity across the world—especially in the US—there’ll be more fans than ever hoping to catch a few games.

But if you’re not lucky enough to live in one of the 200 countries with licensing rights, or more realistically, you don’t have ESPN, SuperSport, Sky or beIN sports, your choices for watching the tournament are significantly limited.

This is because sports broadcasting rights are a growing source of revenue for sports organizations. With the huge amount of money being paid from broadcasters around the world for exclusive rights to some of the biggest sporting events, it’s getting more difficult than ever to find other ways to watch your favorite competitions.

Some channels do, however, offer viewers in their countries the chance to watch the games online, for free.  If you live in the UK, for example, you can watch all the 26 matches online on the BBC Euro 2016 website. Outside of the UK, it’s much more difficult.

So what can you do to watch EURO 2016?

The best way to catch all the games online is to use a VPN service. Remember, VPNs like NordVPN allow your computer to securely connect to a server located in a country of your choice, and to make all communications through that distant computer.

So, for example, if you live in Miami and you don’t have cable, or you prefer BBC’s commentary but you live in Poland, you can connect to a server in the UK and head to BBC’s Euro 2016 website.

To the BBC website it will seem like you’re connecting from somewhere in the UK, and with NordVPN’s unparalleled speed and security, you’ll be able to watch live, high-quality, and free Euro 2016 matches.

Using a VPN service is now so fast and easy that you can be watching the tournament in just a few minutes.

So there’s really no reason to worry about it—just get your chips, drink, put on your favorite team’s jersey and enjoy high quality streaming of football with some friends.


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