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Turkey blocked Google DNS’es

The Turkish government has locked one of the most popular backdoors that Turks were using to bypass the blocking of Twitter.

Twitter had indicated hope that full access to their website would be returned really soon, after a lawyer representing the bloggers union met with the authorities in Ankara 21st of March, 2014.

Nevertheless, the Turkish government worsened the situation early on the 22nd of March by blocking access to the Google public DNS service.

Dozens of Turkish Twitter users had started setting and, the DNS addresses belonging to Google, into their network settings, thus circumventing the block.

These numbers had even showed up as a graffiti to instruct others how to enter Twitter, bringing to light one the most meaningless bans of history practiced by Turkish government.

For all that, the authorities started to block other DNS options, too. Late on the 22nd of March, many online users stated that “the VPN method” stayed the sole method to enter Twitter. The Hürriyet Daily News has confirmed that most of DNS options, are now blocked.

The DNS (Domain Name System) is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computer devices, services, or any other means connected to the Internet or a private network. DNS-tweaking can be used not only to bypass blocking of websites, but also for quicker browsing. A virtual private network (VPN) though, allows a computer to send and receive data within shared or public networks ostensibly it was directly connected to the private network.

The Turkish government has not issued any statement regarding the constraint on DNS hosting services, which is trusted to be based on another executive order, not a court ruling.

However, the Turkish government has issued a statement explaining their stance on this situation. The declaration says that there are lots of court rulings in Turkey requiring Twitter to remove content, even if social media company based in San Francisco has still to abide by them.

A Turkish court, meantime has ruled that the government’s blocking of access did not emerge from a court ruling, but rather a direct administrative order.

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