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The Turkish Government Blocks Youtube This Time

Mar 28, 2014 · 2 min read

Recently Turkish people run into the blockade made by their own government. This time it is Youtube which was blocked and Turks cannot access it on the Internet.

Turkish Government says that Youtube was blocked as a response of a leaked conversation between the top government officials that allegedly discussed the possibility of starting a war with a neighbouring Syria.
Top Turkey’s media regulating agency made an announcement that they put a similar ban on the broadcast of this conversation to radio and television channels.

Turkey’s government has accused some social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter due to the spread of lies and false information. It is all about Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Turkish Prime Minister and his high-level conversations where he orders his son to hide tens of million dollars from the police investigators. One of other orders was to cut short the television broadcast of politician rival’s speech in Parliament. All this information was spread on the Internet.

Google spokesman said that there is no technical issue for Turks to access Youtube from their side.

These bans on Youtube and Twitter may be followed by a wider crackdown on the Internet. Nevertheless, there are signs of hope for Turks as the Turkish court overruled the ban on Twitter made by the government, but the website is still blocked. Turkish authorities have thirty days to implement the court injunction according to legal procedures.

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