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Sudden Demise of Free Encryption Service TrueCrypt

It seems that the anonymous developers behind the free full-disk encryption suite TrueCrypt has retired from working on this project posting a rather unclear message that it may contain unfixed security issues.

If you try to visit TrueCrypt home site now, you would be redirected to their page on Sourceforge. You will be welcomed with a couple warnings one stating that this page was only made to help migrate data encrypted by TrueCrypt. Following is a detailed tutorial explaining how to transition from TrueCrypt to Bitlocker – a built-in Windows feature for drive encryption.

The page also states that the development of TrueCrypt was ended on May 2014, in connection to Microsoft cutting off support for Windows XP.

At the bottom of the page is a download link available letting you get a new version of the tool for Windows, macOS and Linux users. However, it only allows to decrypt already encrypted data.

The absence of genuine information from the developers and the sudden shut down of the service brought suspicions that hackers may have been involved into this situation. Though an investigation on site’s hosting history do not show any unexpected changes.

This sudden termination of the encryption service could be related with legal institutions, that had a part in closing down secure email service – Lavabit.

Another theory is that it might be connected with the security audit of TrueCrypt that begun earlier this year and was overseen by iSec Partners.

The first part of the audit has gone without finding any flaws on the service, however it might be possible that the anonymous team shut down their service as they anticipated that something bad might be found when second part of the audit started.

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