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Stay safe online: Get an exclusive deal for NordVPN

Jul 11, 2017 · 3 min read

Stay safe online: Get an exclusive deal for NordVPN

The truth is: there is no privacy on the internet. Based on your IP address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can monitor your online activities and share this information with third parties, e.g. advertising companies or governments. If you’d rather keep your privacy to yourself, a reliable VPN service is a must-have.

Ok, But Why NordVPN?

Besides hiding your IP address and securing your internet traffic from all the snoopers and hackers, NordVPN helps you bypass geographic content restrictions, blocks advertisements and has a bunch of other awesome online security features. And the best part is – NordVPN has you covered with an amazing deal: get our 2-year plan for only $3.29/month. Get it now or keep reading to find out how NordVPN can improve your online experience.

Enjoy your privacy online

Browse with the confidence of total privacy

NordVPN allows connecting to 5287 servers in 60 countries and secures your internet traffic with strong encryption protocols. We never log on where you go on the internet, so all your browsing activities remain private and protected from any snoopers and hackers.

In addition to this, we have a full list of advanced privacy solutions, including Double Data Encryption, DNS Leak Resolver and Onion Over VPN. Our Automatic Kill Switch is like a cherry on top – it ensures that your data stays secure even if the VPN connection suddenly drops out.

Access geo-restricted content

Access content from the country of your choice

Have trouble accessing certain websites or streaming your favorite TV show when traveling or temporarily residing abroad? With NordVPN you can easily bypass these geographical restrictions and censorship: simply connect to a server in a location required to access the content you wish.

Block intrusive ads and malware

Turn on CyberSec to protect your device from malware

With our fresh and long-awaited security feature, called CyberSec, you will be protected from annoying advertisements and malicious online threats. If the website you want to visit is known for phishing or malware, CyberSec reacts immediately and blocks the dangerous site.

Just download and go

NordVPN is incredibly easy to use at home or on the go

Native applications for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS are intuitive and extremely easy to use. Simply download, set up and you’ll be ready to go in no time. What is more – you can connect up to 6 devices (laptop, router, smartphone, tablet) under one account.

The Real Deal: Save 72% of the Regular Monthly Fee

So if you want to protect your privacy online and enjoy extra perks of using NordVPN, here’s the deal you simply can not miss: buy 7 months of service and get 17 for free! Use the coupon code “2YSpecial2017” to get a special 2-year VPN plan for only $3.29/month, and save 72% of the regular monthly fee.

Now is the perfect time to start protecting yourself online!

Lewis Lambert Fox
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