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Service Update: An automated P2P workaround

Jan 17, 2016 · 2 min read

Service Update: An automated P2P workaround

NordVPN has a number of servers where P2P options are allowed, but also a number of servers that do not support P2P. The distinction is made to ensure the service stability.

We’re happy to say we created a more user friendly solution that will ensure further service stability for NordVPN clients and ensure you P2P with ease.

In the past, some customers might have experienced an issue, where the internet connection would be thwarted if you turned on the torrent client on one of the servers that did not support P2P use. Well, with the new solution you won’t have to worry about choosing the right server.

The Workaround

Whenever you will connect to a non-P2P server and turn on a torrent client, your connection will be automatically re-routed to a dedicated P2P server in Canada and the Netherlands.

Typically the re-routing might take up to 5-10 seconds. If your internet browser would not load web pages, all you would need to do, is simply re-open the browser or open a new incognito browser window.

If you will turn off your torrents client, your connection will remain routed through the server in Canada or Netherlands for 3 minutes. If you will not re-open a torrent client within 3 minutes, your internet traffic will be re-routed through the initially chosen server.

How will the re-routing initiate?

NordVPN service can automatically detect if the outgoing torrent protocol has been initiated (having a torrent client on is enough for the system to detect the torrent protocol). This would trigger the re-routing to the dedicated servers in Canada/ Netherlands. It would appear that you are browsing from Canada or the Netherlands after this, although you would be connected to two VPN servers, including the first server of your choice and the additional dedicated server connection.

Can I P2P without the re-routing?

Absolutely. Connect to P2P friendly servers:

  • Check out our Help Centre for the latest info: [ HERE ]

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