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Security Holes Were Found in Java Patch Plugs

Oracle released their Java quarterly patch update. Java is typically used more for protection and not for utilization and if you currently have it installed so that can run other website or application, then it is time for an update. However, it was announced that the new updates has not solved some security issues.

Oracle’s brand new update brings us to Update 75 for Java 7 and Update 31 for Java 8. This new update is supposed to repair 10 different vulnerabilities to security in the Java program. Even though the update was supposed to repair these issues, Qualys, a security vendor states that 13 of the flaw have potential to be exploited with 10 as the CVSS score which is the lowest it could possibly be.

People who currently use Java 7 need to be aware that Oracle is going to begin using an auto-update that will built inside of the program to switch those users over to Java 8 sometime this week. According to Cisco’s new report, attacks have developed online about the vulnerabilities with Java and that they have skyrocketed by 34% or higher.

The major flaw with Java is that it has a large install base and most users are not aware if they even have it installed or not. There are a couple of ways that you can check to see if you have Java installed or not. If you are currently running Windows on your PC you can do go your Control Panel and go to “Add/Remove programs,” and this will show you a list of the programs that are currently installed on your PC.

If you have a program that requires Java, it is still suggested to keep the program running. If you do not, it might not be the worst idea to remove it from your computer for good. All in all, Java serves very little purpose unless it is needed for another program that you use regularly.

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