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Russia Goes Crazy – It Blocks Webpages Linked to Ukraine

Mar 05, 2014 · 1 min read

Russia increases the propaganda on the Internet. 13 Internet websites which are linked to the Ukraine protest movement have been blocked by Russia’s Internet monitoring agency.

Federal executive body responsible for overseeing the media (Roskomnadzor) said that it had been ordered by the general prosecutor’s office to shut down the pages on Russia’s leading social media website, VKontakte. People who had been fighting for the freedom were accused of being “terrorists” and “participants in unsanctioned mass actions”.

From Monday it is impossible to reach the largest pro-demonstration group (it has 500k members) on Russian territory.

According to the law which was passed on 2012 Russia’s government can prohibit any site in the country it wants.
We suggest you to unblock all the sites with VPN. It is very important to get the right information and to stay away from the propaganda. VPN helps to fight against the dictatorship.

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