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Your Private Browsing Mode Isn’t Private (Try This Instead)

Jun 04, 2018 · 3 min read

Your Private Browsing Mode Isn’t Private (Try This Instead)

There’s no shame in switching to a private browsing window once in a while, right? We all get bored at work and can’t resist a quick look at “19 Most NSFW Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions” – because it’s just a quick look, and no one will know anyway.

Hate to break it to you, but: Your boss will know. Yep, even if you go incognito.

The private browsing mode, also known as incognito, is far from private. If you really want to hide where you go online, there’s only one way to do it: get a reliable VPN. NordVPN is an ultra-popular choice, and now you can get it for as low as $2.75/month.

But for now, let’s take a look at: 1) why an incognito window won’t conceal your browsing habits; and 2) what it is actually good for.

Why Private Isn’t Always Private

When you open a private, or incognito, tab in your browser, it makes sure your computer won’t remember anything you did there. All your searches, visited pages, login details and cookies will be deleted from the device after you close the private window.

But your computer is not the same as your employer. Your boss will see everything you do in your browser – incognito won’t help.

However, in the scenario described above, your employer will still find out which shady links you clicked on. That is because all of your browsing information can be tracked with your IP address – a unique ID given to every machine in a network. It means anyone who can monitor your IP address can see your browsing data – including your Internet provider and that guy Kevin from IT who hates kittens.

Also, if you sign into Facebook, Amazon, or any other account while browsing incognito, those sites are obviously going to know about it. If you log into one of Google’s apps, Chrome will start saving your cookies and history again, making the whole incognito thing useless as well.

Is Incognito Ever a Good Idea?

Of course! It protects you from other people snooping on your browsing habits, which is especially useful if you share a device with someone else. If your history is not saved, nobody can see it.

Keylogging victim

You can also use the private mode to book flight tickets or hotel rooms, because it may turn out cheaper. With no cookies saved, travel websites cannot see that you have checked these specific dates before, and hike up the rates accordingly.

If you are letting a friend to check their email or log into Facebook on your device, open a new private tab for them. They will be able to sign into their accounts without signing you out.

Want to hide from your boss for real? Get a VPN!

The leading VPN service NordVPN does what the incognito mode won’t – it hides your real IP address and everything you do online! This way, you appear to be browsing from a completely different network (or even from a different country), and that’s exactly what you need to become truly incognito.

NordVPN app

What’s more, NordVPN secures your entire Internet traffic with the same next-generation encryption that the US government uses to protect the national security. Let’s just say that Kevin from IT won’t have the slightest chance to see that you clicked on one cat video and ended up watching them for 2 hours.

Choose NordVPN for complete privacy and security online!

Lewis Lambert Fox
Lewis Lambert Fox successVerified author

Lewis is a content writer at NordVPN and a true explorer when it comes to cybersecurity. He’s always on a mission to examine the tech world through the lens of privacy and share his findings and useful tips with blog readers.

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