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NordVPN is 100% safe from port-forwarding vulnerability

Dec 02, 2015 · 1 min read

NordVPN is 100% safe from port-forwarding vulnerability

Recently a number of our customers have turned our attention to a VPN vulnerability issue potentially facing some of VPN services. We wanted to reiterate to everyone that NordVPN is safe from this vulnerability, because it only affects VPN port-forwarding systems, which we do not currently have.

Coincidentally, NordVPN is working on a port-forwarding feature, which is slated to be released once some architectural changes are made to our web page. We will ensure it is safe from the mentioned vulnerability.

The vulnerability in question was uncovered by Perfect Privacy, learning that a particular port-forwarding scenario could expose the real IP address. It was discovered that if an attacker uses the same VPN as the victim the true IP-address can be exposed by forwarding traffic on a specific port. Luckily PP did warn a number of VPN providers and the VPN providers rushed to fix issue where applicable.

Once again, because NordVPN does not have a port-forwarding feature, users info was not at risk of being exposed.

Christina Craig
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