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PornHub and other sites banned in Russia

Sep 10, 2015 · 2 min read

PornHub and other sites banned in Russia

Another slew of webpage bans has descended on Russia. This time the target is PornHub and 10 other websites. The ban comes after Roskomnadzor (Russia’s media supervisory body) added the sites to the Unified Register of Banned Information for distribution of “illegal pornography”. It is still a mystery what unidentified content has landed the 11 websites to blacklisted website registry.

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Bans should not come as a shock, considering over 100 porn sites were blocked in Russia back in February (did not ban PornHub back then). Website bans have been intensifying over the recent past – with long list including Jahova’s witness websites, some Wikipedia pages, sites containing Russian political leadership memes, bitcoin sites,  gay emogis, synthetic lace lingerie, sex-ed literature and more.

Temporary bans have also been sporadic with Reddit being banned for under 24 hours, wikipedia banned for a day… all reverted after ‘offending information was removed’. Threats to ban Facebook, Twitter and Google are frequent occurrence also.

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