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Pakistan blocks social media sites and news TV

Nov 29, 2017 · 2 min read

Pakistan blocks social media sites and news TV

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube have been blocked in Pakistan. The access to social media was suspended after protests that had begun in the capital Islamabad started to spread further.

What happened?

Protesters have been camped out on a major road leading into Islamabad since November 8, 2017, demanding a resignation of a law minister accused of blasphemy. According to the Associated Press, the situation stayed like that until Saturday, November 25, when the government called in the troops to restore the order. There were nearly 200 people injured – both civilians and officers – in a brutal confrontation between the protesting group and the police.

News about the police intervention into the unrest in Islamabad spread quickly and has triggered similar demonstrations across the country.

According to The New York Times, on Monday “the government said the law minister would step down in return for an end to the protests.”

The media blackout

Authorities reacted to the spreading protests by ordering to cut off the access to key social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Together with the social media restrictions, the Pakistani regulatory body has also ordered to prohibit live coverage of the violent clashes on satellite TV. Many major TV channels were taken off air in Islamabad and other parts of the country.

The government is reportedly considering to temporarily suspend mobile phone signals.

Twitter representatives have publicly confirmed being aware of their service blockage. In a tweet, they said they were “monitoring the situation”.

Twitter tweet about Twitter blocked in Pakistan

Limited freedom of speech

The media blockage has drawn the attention of journalists to the complicated situation in Pakistan. People currently residing in Pakistan were mentioning using VPN (virtual private network) in their tweets to access social media.

With the media blocks deployed, the country stays isolated from the rest of the world, and any news are detained from spreading.

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We will continue to monitor the situation, so check back regularly for important updates. If you have information regarding the status of additional social media blocks, please share in the comments below.


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