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Online Freedom & Internet Security Stories in Brief:

Mar 12, 2015 · 2 min read

Online Freedom & Internet Security Stories in Brief:

Dont trust your phone, dont trust your laptop this is the reality that Snowden has shown us. The Guardian goes over the recent history of how Snowdens revelations changed our perspective on mobile and online security. They further discuss implications of Gemalto SIM card breach, shedding light on potentially huge implications of how broadly information might be compromised, if breached, by pointing out that “Gemalto makes the chips used in mobile phones and credit cards and numbers among its customers AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and 450 other mobile network providers. It currently produces 2bn sim cards a year.”  Read more..

Don’t Believe the Car Hacking Hype  Recently aired 60 Minutes show talked about the growing concern of device interconnectivity via the Internet of Things (IoT). PCMag adds some balance in arguing that panic about vehicle hacking is unwarranted, as “to date there’s been a total of one car hacking incident”. Article argues that the TV show 60 Minutes was a lead in for senator Ed Markey report, which talked about potential future threat for vehicle security breaches. Read more..

Apple Can Afford to Love Privacy Bloomberg opinion piece came out this week, talking about how Apple can afford to make a stance in Online security because it can afford to. “Apple can take this stance because it’s able to make more money than any company ever just by selling high-end devices and relatively expensive services”. Read more..

Not Worried About ID Theft? Meet the Woman Whose Data Has Been Stolen 6 Times Identity theft has been a hot topic in online security discussions. MSN News tell a story about a woman who had her personal data stolen six times from six places. One of these was a credit card hack, which even after being solved and having her cards replaced, affect her life, as she is placed in a high risk group resulting in high interest rates.  Read more..

Outdated Encryption Keys Leave Phones Vulnerable to Hackers Story about weak encryption that was mandated by 1990s US administration technology manufactuers continues to trend in online security headlines. More info is revealed as researchers last month discovered millions of devices and websites were using an outdated encryption key to secure their communications.

New York Times report that several companies announced this week they will created updates to ensure better encryption via software and operating system updates, but many systems appear to be vulnerable still. Read more..

Mandarin Oriental Hotels confirms data breach Another hotel chain confirms report of data breach this week. Reportedly guest credit cards were the target of the hotel chain online security breach. This is not the first such report in the recent months. Read more.

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