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this week in the news march-20

Hello Barbie listens to kids, creeps out parents and privacy advocates Matel has presented a new Hello Barbie, which has a built in WI-FI device and integrated voice recognition technology. With recent SIM card, laptop and smart phone eavesdropping scares – the new toy is definitely raising a lot of concerns over possible privacy issues and how the information might be mined from kids confiding in their dolls…Read More

Australia metadata bill passes Lower House In Australia, a controversial data retention bill is making it’s way through the Parliament. Biggest implications might come to Australia’s media community and whistleblowers. It will be almost impossible to guarantee privacy to a source, giving Australia’s Federal police access to private data to be stored forever. Warrants will be issued to the intelligence services by the attorney-general, or to police by a judge or tribunal member, in secret, making it impossible for journalists or their sources to find out about, let alone challenge, the tracking of their communications and movements…Read More

Anonymity helps us curate our online selves Quoting John Suler, who introduced the phrase in 2004, ‘once sheltered behind this veil of anonymity, users let go of traditional inhibitions and are freer to act’, Aljazeera opinion pieces explores the notions of increased demand for anonymity and online privacy… Read More

Here’s What US Senate Cybersecurity bill looks like Although a number of amendments were made to the proposed bill- concerns about NSA spying remain. Although the argument remains, that the bill is intended to prevent large attacks, like that on Sony Pictures earlier this year, the implications to the general public data privacy remain worrying with critics calling the bill “surveillance bill by another name”..  Read More

University profesor defends anonymity app The big discussion  in US Universities this week was anonymity app Yik Yak, ever popular app akin to virtual  bathroom stall. In response to NewYorkTimes article published last week discussing the possible negative aspects of app anonymity, WIRED came back with a powerful counter argument about positive aspects of University Student anonymity online…Read More

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