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Online Freedom and Internet Security Stories in Brief:

Online Freedom and Internet Security Stories in Brief


#VPN fight (instigated by the arrival of Netflix) and #Metadata retention law discussion are two online privacy and security topics that continue trending in Australia this week.  As Australians’ hunger for data continues to grow, with the volume of total downloads in the final quarter of 2014 exceeding an exabyte – or 1 million terabytes – issues concerting  online content access and privacy continue to be the hot topics.

ABC News report that Metadata Retention program should be fully functional in the next 2 years, ordering Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia to keep user metadata. Opposition critique issue surrounding the program effectiveness and the the  the costs associated with it, say “This will be a great big internet tax without necessarily making Australians safer.” .. Read More

*A bit of Australia NordVPN related news- we are adding a few  extra servers there within a few weeks to provide additional support for growing demand* 

United States

Obama declaring cybersecurity a national emergency this week and issuing an executive order to that effect- the biggest internet privacy related stories from US ..Privacy experts worry what the implications might be. Read More.

Related: ‘HOW BIG BUSINESS IS HELPING EXPAND NSA SURVEILLANCE, SNOWDEN BE DAMNED’- In the Post Snowden world it sure seemed like people would be more cautious about surveillance issues, yet NSA seems to be moving forward with bills that affect the very thing quite briskly..Read more.


China was critized for hacking GitHub accounts and erasing any content they deemed inappropriate earlier this week. The attack lasted nearly four days. Experts worry as the Great Firewall used to be a passive, inward oriented tool, now becoming aggressive and outbound one .. Read More.


Did you catch the story about NordVPN unblocking the Martian internet on April 1st, 2015? Here’s a glimpse of what we managed to access –


Earlier this week the news of a huge power outage that lasted nearly 10 hours reached the international headlines. Since the outage was very unexpected and causes still remain unclear – The prime minister said all possible causes — including a cyber-attack — were being investigated.. Read More


New Copyright Law May Have Made U.S. Netflix Illegal In Canada. As part of recent copyright law reforms, Canadian government made it illegal to circumvent technologies that control access to copyrighted works, such as digital locks. “Accessing U.S. Netflix via a VPN could be considered circumventing this measure,” law firm Fasken Martineau says in a bulletin.. Read More

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