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NSA Planted Secret Agents Inside World of Warcraft?

The whistle-blower Edward Snowden gave away documents to “The Guardian” exposing that the NSA and GCHQ have undercover agents waylaying on the Second Life, World of Warcraft, Xbox Live network and other virtual realms. Online gaming is big business and there’s a chance that terrorists are waylaying within those virtual realms, manoeuvers. In addition, infiltrating to MMORPGs and other game networks is a great way to recruit potential informants.

These NSA documents were written in 2008, showing that NSA spies have lurked within mentioned games for around five years. The document title was “Exploiting Terrorist Use of the Games & Virtual Environments” and it describes them as “target-rich communications network” and where intelligence targets are able to “hide in plain sight”. Actually, lots of agents are within MMORPG games that the National Security Agency set up a “deconfliction” group to avoid agent spying on other agents by accident.

The NSA document reasons that if games are thoroughly exploited, huge amount of knowledge can be gained. For example, games could be used to construct people pictures on social networks through “interaction and buddylists” to obtain target identifiers for instance profile photos, and so on. There’s an indication that NSA agents can extract talk channel communications, participating in video and voice chats on the console networks.

When contacted by the Guardian, WoW developed Blizzard told it was unaware of surveillance taking place and it had no knowledge nor gave the permission if there was any surveillance. Microsoft declined to comment, as well as Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life), and as well as the NSA.

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