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NordVPN wins two IT security software awards from FinancesOnline

Sep 22, 2017 · 2 min read

NordVPN wins two IT security software awards from FinancesOnline

Yes, we finally did it!, a trusted B2B software directory has recently decided to put our very own VPN software to the test. Spoiler alert: after successfully passing the test, NordVPN received the prestigious 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience awards, which are granted to IT security software products that provide exceptional user experience.

With a user satisfaction score of 97% and an overall score of 8.7/10, NordVPN was recognized for its military-grade encryption, attitude towards mobile safety and online transaction security. Multi-platform support was also among the review highlights as NordVPN allows you connecting up to six devices under one account and offers applications for all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Experts also cited the benefits of a NordVPN business solution that offers protection not only for executives of a company but also for all employees and remote workers, giving them the ability to safely share sensitive data with their clients and co-workers. By adding an extra security layer over all internet communications, NordVPN ensures your financial transactions remain secure at all times. Being recognized for advanced functionalities and the exceptional quality of our VPN service by industry experts is a great honor for the whole NordVPN team.

And here’s more good news! We are pleased to announce that NordVPN has also moved up the SaaS ladder, joining the big players in the FinanceOnline list of top IT Management Software systems. This is a big achievement for the team as we always strive to improve our service it making online communications as secure as possible. With this latest achievement, we can proudly say that NordVPN has been doing well, and we can only promise to make it better!

Lewis Lambert Fox
Lewis Lambert Fox successVerified author

Lewis is a content writer at NordVPN and a true explorer when it comes to cybersecurity. He’s always on a mission to examine the tech world through the lens of privacy and share his findings and useful tips with blog readers.

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