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NordVPN Presents a New Web Design

We at NordVPN have recently launched a new design for our website. We are sure that the new design is more sensible, user friendlier, easier to navigate, and loads faster than the previous version of our VPN website.

Since the day we have started providing VPN services our main goal was to provide an option to access internet freely and safely for our users from any country. First of all, we provide VPN service to allow people to protect themselves from potential third party spying made by ISPs, governments, hackers, etc. Secondly, VPN users are able to access content that is blocked by the mentioned parties. On top of that, NordVPN users are provided the best anonymity possible whenever the user needs it. The design of our new website should give an easier and more intuitive access to the most important features we are providing.

Hopefully, our vision of an easy to use, informative and good looking website will not counteract your prior experiences or ideas of a great website. Ultimately, we expect that just a few moments after entering you will be browsing our website as if you are browsing your favorite news portal or using Google search every day.

Our staff has been working really hard and has been very excited during the launch of the new design. The work of course has not been finished yet. As it should be expected with any launch of a product there are still some little errors that might have not been noticed during the beta testing. All of us are giving our best to find all the remaining errors to fix them as soon as possible. Please forgive us if you encounter such bug.

In order to fix all the bugs we are asking you, visitors of our website, to inform us via contact form or drop us a letter at support[at] when you see any possible issues. Your indication will be of the highest value when improving our website.

Furthermore, if you have been using our old website version and can not seem to find something in our new website, please let us know if it is not presented on our new website anymore. We will add the missed out features as soon as possible.

Even though it is already October, for us the year is far from over. During the development of our new website design we have never stopped working on other projects as well. Our custom software for iPhones and iPads  is reaching the last stages of the development and should be released before the excitement over the new website design has dissipated. The software will have all the features that are implemented in the NordVPN software like “kill-switch”, DNS leak protection and others. Release of NordVPN application for iOS devices will be followed by the OpenVPN software release for Mac users. Both of these applications are scheduled to become available to NordVPN user later this year.

We hope you are enjoying our new design, having fun being under VPN protection and are excited over the upcoming software releases for Apple products.

Your feedback, whether it is a constructive criticism or excitement about the new design is highly appreciated.

Be safe and free with NordVPN.

Best Regards, NordVPN team

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