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NordVPN not affected by Logjam Security Breach

Oct 15, 2015 · 2 min read

NordVPN not affected by Logjam Security Breach

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The news broke recently about the possible security breach that might be affecting the encrytion of over 2/3 VPNs and 1/4 of all SSH servers worldwide.

logjam issue

Fears that anyone could decrypt ones information is surely worrysome, so we are rushing to report that NordVPN is not affected. Here’s a quick breakdown of the issue and more info where NordVPN stands.

What is LogJam security breach?

The concern stems from a report that NSA could perform large scale decryption including VPN traffic.

logjam issue

1. Nordvpn website does not support non-EC Diffie-Hellman ciphersuites in any way and did not support it earlier.

2. Nord VPN uses OpenVPN protocol which generates ( and always has) a new prime number or public keys every time and does not use common prime numbers. This is done for every existing and future server.

3. Although OpenVPN always suggest using 1024 bit keys ( which is theoretically decryptable with a multi million dollar computer) – but here at NordVPN we generate 2048 when encrypting user data.

Security test can be performed here:

Just enter in the search area.

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