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NordVPN in 2017: greatest hits and highlights

Jan 10, 2018 · 2 min read

NordVPN in 2017: greatest hits and highlights

The year 2017 was big for NordVPN. From the introduction of long-awaited security features to the skyrocketing growth of our worldwide server network, let’s take quick a look back at the top stories from NordVPN.

#1: 1879 new servers

Since the beginning of 2017, quite a solid number of new locations have been added to the ever-growing NordVPN server network, the total number reaching 5090 today! And we are not going to stop – this is one of our resolutions for 2018.

#2: 65 software updates

We are adding continuous improvements to our service and aiming to offer our users cyber security solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use. This is why last year we updated our VPN for Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS 65 times, making the apps smarter, faster, and easier to navigate.

#3: New CyberSec security feature

Last year our developers’ team introduced an advanced technology solution called CyberSec. The new feature is there to provide you with enhanced security, better performance, and control. When enabled, CyberSec automatically blocks suspicious websites so that no malware or other cyber threats can infect your device. What is more, annoying ads won’t come into your sight.

Disclaimer: Due to Google’s policies, the CyberSec feature will no longer block ads on the NordVPN app downloaded from the Google Play Store. It will, however, keep protecting you from accessing malicious websites. The ad blocker is still available on the .apk version of the app offered exclusively on our website.

#4: NordVPN proxy extension for Google Chrome

Last September we introduced our very first extension for Google Chrome. The lightweight proxy extension is designed to help you stay secure and private while surfing the Web and safely access websites even if they are not protected by HTTPS.

#5: Extension for Mozilla Firefox

After we released the NordVPN extension for Google Chrome back in September, everyone kept asking: “Hey, what about Firefox?” Shortly afterwards we responded this way: “The NordVPN extension for Mozilla Firefox is here too. And it’s as lightweight and efficient as the one for Chrome.”

#6: Obfuscated servers

We strongly believe that everyone should have access to an open and unrestricted Internet. Therefore, we have introduced our obfuscated servers – the one-of-a-kind NordVPN feature that allows our customers to use VPN in heavily restricted countries.

Time to move on: Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista ends January 15

As Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, these platforms no longer comply with our advanced model of infrastructure. Therefore, the NordVPN desktop apps for Windows XP and Windows Vista will no longer be supported starting January 15, 2018. If you are using NordVPN on any of the platforms mentioned, please be aware that they will stop functioning after this date.

To continue using NordVPN after January 15, 2018, please make sure to upgrade your Windows operating system to Windows 7 or any later version. This way you will get the latest security patches from Microsoft and will also be able to continue using NordVPN with no hassle.

With 2017 wrapped, we can safely say: the year rocked. As for 2018, we are going to keep on improving our service and providing our users with top-notch cyber security solutions. Have a secure year!

Lewis Lambert Fox
Lewis Lambert Fox successVerified author

Lewis is a content writer at NordVPN and a true explorer when it comes to cybersecurity. He’s always on a mission to examine the tech world through the lens of privacy and share his findings and useful tips with blog readers.

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