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Automatic Kill Switch

Though NordVPN’s connections are very reliable, we want to make sure your sensitive data is still secured if the connection ever drops out, even for just a second. Therefore, the NordVPN apps include a handy kill switch feature, which protects your online activities from being briefly exposed in case of interrupted connections.

In NordVPN’s software for Windows and macOS, the kill switch allows to specify the applications that should be shut down in case the VPN connection drops out. That prevents the applications from sending unencrypted traffic to the Internet, which otherwise might expose you to online threats or interrupt certain services. For instance, this type of automatic kill switch is a must-have for any location-sensitive service, such as media streaming or online games.

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NordVPN’s app for iOS has a different type of kill switch, which disables the internet access on the system level. This way, if the VPN connection suddenly disconnects, all active apps are protected without being terminated.

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