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IoT: VPN as a Reliable Security Measure

Jun 19, 2014 · 2 min read

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing in number rapidly, including connected cars, smart appliances for the home and many more. There are more then 2.5 billion connected devices today already.


IoT’s potential might bring enthusiasm to create new business and increase productivity and convenience, however, we can’t forget about the security. IT professionals know very well that if something is connected to the Internet then somebody will definitely attempt to hack it.

Sadly, the tech industry has ignored proper security development before opening new markets, this might also repeat again with IoT. There already were some smart TVs and other smart home appliances hacked that were connected to the Internet.

Existing security technology such as encryption may be used in most cases for IoT. When used with VPN, encryption can help authenticate devices and secure transfer of sensitive data.

Even if VPNs are commonly used as a secure way to communicate on business networks and the Internet, they can be implemented to be used on devices to secure machine to machine communications and other new types of connectivity.

Properly established public key infrastructure can cover majority of the requirements for releasing and maintaining large-scale encryption systems together with access control systems helping to manage user and device privileges.

Network admins need to be able to see everything, including VPN, endpoints and the rest of the network infrastructure. Upcoming security strategy for IoT must contain secure communication and device access with possible limits to network access.

Tighter security measures will definitely increase the costs. However, a bigger price must be paid for lower risks. In the end, paying a little extra will be well worth to guarantee security for customer data.

The Internet of Things has great potential to change our lives. However, to provide the highest level of end-to-end security, all IoT communication channels need to be carefully thought through from a security standpoint, and proper security guidelines must be established and implemented for all connected devices.

The Internet has taught us the hard way that it is better to be safe then sorry. Let’s hope the technology organizations will apply such security measures as VPN and encryption to IoT.

Christina Craig
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