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Introducing: Smart Play Technology

Christina Craig

Christina Craig

Nov 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Introducing: Smart Play Technology

There is a handful of countries that allow unrestricted access to online services like Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer etc. People from other parts of the world often run into the problem of geographical service restrictions. This becomes relevant to absolutely everyone when traveling.

To circumvent such geo-blocking, several methods are resorted to by the netizens all across the globe. Geographical restrictions are easily circumvented by spoofing the geographical location. One of such methods is a VPN service, another is the latest NordVPN SmartPlay Technology.

What is a SmartPlay™?

SmartPlay is secure proxy service that helps to overcome geographical restrictions put on by several websites. SmartPlay re-routes the user’s requests through a server located at a place where access to such blocked websites is allowed. This makes the websites think the user is physically present in such place, thereby granting it the access.

How does SmartPlay work?

NordVPN is offering an encrypted SmartPlay connection in their custom desktop apps (OS X and Windows) and Android app (limited connectivity). Your data will remain encrypted when you will enjoy the faster streaming of your favorite shows/games/ etc.

Benefits of using a Smart play

There are several benefits associated with the use of SmartPlay over VPN. Let’s discuss them one by one.


Choosing SmartPlay is a better option if you’re looking for faster streaming. There is a lesser loss in speed while trying to access blocked websites using SmartPlay. After encrypting your service, it provides direct access to the blocked website, which is a reason for the very little drop in the speed while using Smart play. Our native apps will select the best servers for your streaming needs.

Ease of use

One of the top goals while using a method to unblock websites is whether the service is easy to use. NordVPN will make the connection to SmartPlay a simple one-click connection. Just turn-on the SmartPlay on your NordVPN app and choose any VPN server to enjoy the streaming content you seek. (Please check the latest workarounds offered in our Help Centre)

Higher video stream quality

Most of the user use SmartPlay to access websites like Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify. Thus, maintaining the streaming quality attains great significance. If the surfing/streaming speed is not enough, then there is no need in bypassing geographical limitations to access such sites.

This is where SmartPlay over VPN gains an upper hand over other unblocking methods. Higher video stream quality makes accessing such sites and streaming your favorite shows, a wonderful experience.

Encrypted service

Your online data will remain secure with the use of NordVPN service. Before accessing the SmartPlay service, your data will enter NordVPN encrypted tunnel and then provide access to your favorite streaming sites. You will have the best of both worlds.