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Is the internet free and secure in Argentina?

Mar 11, 2017 · 2 min read

Is the internet free and secure in Argentina?

Can internet users in Argentina browse confidently and securely? Can they browse knowing that their privacy is being respected? Can they browse wherever they choose? Let’s take a look at Argentina’s internet laws and what they mean for Argentinian internet users.

Cybersecurity and cybercrime

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Argentina has a number of cybercrime offenses on the books. When it didn’t, cybercrimes couldn’t be prosecuted because they didn’t meet the definition of any recognized crime in Argentina. Now, they’ve been codified and can be successfully prosecuted.

The bad news is that law enforcement’s hands are somewhat tied when it comes to cybercrime. There is no clear framework for institutions to gather or use evidence of cybercrimes in investigations or in court. Institutions are also limited when it comes to combating and counteracting cybercrimes.


The Argentinian government has taken a relatively enthusiastic approach to online data privacy. Argentinian law requires all data collection to be engaged in voluntarily by the user. The collection of certain “sensitive” data, which includes ethnicity, gender, and other identifying data, can only be done when authorized by the government.

Users whose data has been collected also have the right to contact data collectors, and view the data that has been collected about them.

Online freedom

When it comes to online freedom, Argentina falls short. The government has tried numerous times to ban websites critical of the government, and it has occasionally succeeded.

The government has also passed onerous censorship laws in the name of equality and tolerance. The laws were ostensibly intended to restrict comments that insult people, incite hatred or “terrorize the public,” but all of these terms are worded rather vaguely. This allows the government to abuse them to target certain websites or commenters with fines or even jail time.

What can Argentinian internet users do?

To browse the internet safely and freely in Argentina, simply install NordVPN. NordVPN encrypts your data so that the government, ISPs, and hackers will all have no idea where you’re browsing. To find a VPN server in Argentina for a faster connection, click here.

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