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Internet Adoption in China Falls Down to an Unseen Level in 8 Years

The rush to the Internet is slowing down in China with having only 14.4 million newly signed up Internet users in the first six months of 2014 which is the lowest growth in eight years.

There were a bit over 632 million Internet users in the largest population country in June, according to China Internet Network Information Center that is linked with the country’s government.

Though China is the world’s biggest Internet population, there is a struggle for Internet services to be taken off to the rural areas, where around 450 million people cannot go online.

At current numbers, only 46.9 percent of Chinese use the Internet. This is by far lower than the US which has 87 percents.

Many of these that do not have an Internet in China have low education level and a very little need to browse the Web. CNNIC recommended China to focus on teaching Internet skills in rural elementaries.
Interestingly, China had just 94 million Internet users over a decade ago. The growth has taken place mostly in the urban areas, this is where the Internet market has started to mature.

Last month, China had 527 million mobile phone users that had connected to the Internet. It means that it became the most popular way reaching the Internet in China, overtaking notebooks and desktops, CNNIC said.

The researchers also reported that news, search engines and online messaging are the favourite Internet services in China. Although social networking popularity is dropping with Chinese user numbers falling down by 7.4 percent to around 257 million over the past six months. Regarding the report, these sites are struggling to offer innovations and meet up the demands of users.

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