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How will Australia Copyright Law affect you?

Jul 03, 2015 · 2 min read

How will Australia Copyright Law affect you?

What does the new Copyright Law Mean?

A week ago, Australian government passed a copyright law which is meant to block a lot of websites. The aim is to curtail illegal download activity, although observers say the law is only a win for lobbying media companies, who wish to control access to entertainment content. Essentially the new law allows blocking of websites that would ‘facilitate copyright infringing actions’. The language of the Copyright Amendment Act was left vary vague and it is unclear which website will get the ban. Luckily VPNs are unlikely to be banned. Arguments by political opposition,  reasoning that VPNs have significant security and privacy benefits that outweigh any reasoning to ban them, seem to have prevailed. Yet again, the vague language of this legislation could change VPN fate in Australia in the future.

What can you do to by-pass the great Australian Fire-Wall?

IP Address Switch When the official banned site list is announced the users can subscribe to a VPN service to access those and any other websites desired. Like other geo-blocked content around the world, a VPN allows internet users to jump geofences by choosing servers in other countries.

Reasons to use a VPN in Australia

Choose No Log VPN Service Recent Meta-Data Retention Law in Australia might also be relevant here. Remember, Internet Service Providers have to track user information and forward any information  to the third party (via court order). So like in Dallas Buyers Case, if ISPs came looking for an IP address associated with an infringing ‘pirate’- their leads would turn up at a VPN server IP address/ not your personal IP address.

Possible Website that Will be Blocked.

  • Torrent Sites  (piratebay,, utorrent, etc)
  • Proxy Sites
  • TV Streaming web-pages ( Project Free TV, etc )

Furthermore, In another case of Australian restrictions to entertainment content, starting July 1st – hundreds of online and mobile apps will get banned. Reportedly, new international rating system (International Age Rating Coalition standard) affects titles on Google Play, Firefox Marketplace, etc.. Mobile titles that have been “refused classification” by Australian Rating Coalition will not be available in Australia.

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