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Great Firewall of China VPN Solution

Recent news reports from mainland China have been disconcerting as “increased censorship” towards VPN services seems to have reached the new heights.

Many VPN service websites and protocols continue to receive extra scrutiny behind the Great Firewall of China.  Reportedly, preparations for a WWII memorial parade approaching in Mid- September have been the latest motivation to prevent citizens from viewing foreign content.

Authorities there claim the content is blocked for the protection of Chinese people, as they deem censored content inappropriate.

The blocked services include popular communication services like Facebook and Google (incl., several online gaming sites, news sites and website sections mentioning certain words and concepts. An estimate of 18,000 websites are blocked in mainland China.

This is very stressful to both the expats, who rely heavily on communication via internet services , travellers to China who would like to check their social media or follow their local news and of course, the mainland China citizens who wish to be interconnected with the world via the world wide web.

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