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How to Watch Golf – US Open 2016

UEFA 2016 is in full swing with some upsets and tense moments that are surely driving fans crazy.

But if you’re not a fan, what’s there to watch?

Thankfully, this month is all about all sorts of sports.

On June 16th, the Golf US Open is set to start. The tournament is set to pit the biggest names in golf, American and international, against each other over the course of a few days.

The US Open is known for its higher level of difficulty when compared with other golf tournaments around the world.  The tournament is returning this year to the Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania where it was last held in 2007.

Watch Golf 2016 US open

But what’s the best way to watch the US Open? There are a few major channels showing the tournament.

Fox Sports is streaming the tournament live on its website and app Fox Sports Go—but only if you are a subscriber living in North America. British Sky Sports is streaming the whole thing live as well, on its website and app Sky Go—but only if you live in the UK.

There are similar setups and restrictions in different major areas around the world due to the very lucrative international broadcasting rights.

But if you don’t live in those territories, what can you do?

The best option is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which will make it seem as if you’re connecting through a server in a destination of your choice. This will let you watch the tournament form the comfort of your home—wherever your home is—and it’s super fast, easy, and reliable.

NordVPN has unparalleled speed and security—and it doesn’t store logs, so you can be sure your private information is safe.

Got any other tips for watching the tournament? Let us know in the comments below!

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