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France’s NSA Got All Of Orange Users Data

Orange has been collaborating ostensibly illicitly for years with France’s central intelligence agency (the DGSE). In accordance with the recently found report by Edward Snowden and an investigation by Le Monde, access to all of Orange’s data (not just metadata) was given to the DGSE.

Having more than 26 million clients Orange is the leading telecommunications company in France. These clients have interacted with tens of millions of non-Orange clients. Practically everyone in France is anxious by today’s announcement. No administrative agency has a say in this extraordinary relationship among France’s intelligence agencies and Orange. Allies, such as the GCHQ in the U.K, have been given this Data.

Orange has functioned as a private company for years putting aside that the state still owns 27 percent of Orange’s shares. Still, when it comes to data collecting, it so far works like it was a state-owned company.

DGSE get help from Orange employees who develop and create new ways to gather and examine data. On the contrary to PRISM, it’s not just an agreement amongst giant Internet companies and the government, it’s an implied joint enterprise that has been in process now for about 30 years.

Neither the DGSE nor the government had any comment on the accusations. CEO of Orange Stéphane Richard announced that he wasn’t informed about the DGSE doings. He just provided access for employees of the DGSE to Orange in order to follow the law. Other three major telecommunications companies refuted the presence of alike programs with them.

Last July, Le Monde detected that France has a PRISM-like program which gathers thousands of trillions of metadata files, gathering data on email subject, receiver and sizes of text message, call history etc. The program aims for emails, phone communications and data from Internets’ most known ones, for instance Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo and Microsoft.

The social outcry has been very supervised so far. These popular Internet services are still prevailing. Put differently, convenience in France comes first and privacy second.

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