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Facebook Partners Up With ESET To Help Users Discover Malware

Dec 04, 2014 · 3 min read

Facebook Partners Up With ESET To Help Users Discover Malware

Facebook has recently proclaimed a brand new partnership to assist its users on keeping secure and malware-free. That is the latest update from the social networking giant trying to do its part to make the Internet safer.

The new partnership was signed with IT security company ESET, which will now be available for all Facebook users and help them detect any potential malware that might have infected their device. If the company detects any kind of questionable behavior when a user will try to access Facebook, the user will instantly be prompted a message offering to scan the device being used for malware.

A software engineer from Facebook wrote that users will be able to run the scan, see the results and clean their device all while logged into Facebook making it as easy and straightforward as possible.

Facebook from May of this year have already been partners with F-Secure and Trend Micro and now adds ESET to the list as well.

One of Facebook’s communications managers said that a wider range of security providers will increase the possibility of malware being discovered on users device cleaned up, which will aid individuals on Facebook in keeping their data safer.

The manager aforementioned that there is no money element to the new ESET partnership or with the formerly proclaimed partnerships with Trend Micro and F-Secure.

Facebook has implemented a range of techniques and technologies on their service to assist users in detecting possibly harmful conduct. Various automated systems are in place to assist discover any dubious activity during the login and on alternative points when using the social network. These same systems provides confirmation once a tool used to login might probably be infected with malware.

The malware-scanning endeavor from Facebook is not the first initiative started by the company, in October it has published a new attempt to strengthen users password security. Due to the effort Facebook is scanning public sources of data that might reveal any incident that has affected any of the users. The company notifies the user to change his or her password the moment any potential risk has been discovered.

The point here that Facebook is actively trying to forge new partnerships and implement measures to provide more security for its users as a matter of fact should not be underrated. There are really not much other online services that in fact tries to assist users with discovering if their systems might be affected. Nonetheless, we here at NordVPN are always trying to stay abreast with all the latest updates and needed fixes to provide the safest and most secure VPN service possible.

A Safe Browser technology is offered by Google to provide help for its users, which is implemented into Chrome browser and also used by Mozilla Firefox. Google states that one billion individuals currently uses and takes advantage of the Safe Browsing. This technology helps browsers determine possibly malicious websites that might infect users devices with malware and or try to steal user info.

Proactive security attitude one might say is becoming as a trend that Facebook has been more and more involved in. If all goes well a lot of other vendors will involve themselves in such trend within the years ahead to secure the Internet for everybody. NordVPN will always provide a secure path over the Internet for your safe and anonymous browsing.

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