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Encrypted Email Service Launched by Tutanota

The German-based encrypted email provider Tutao announced its free Tutanota email services last week.

Tutao, founded by three former Leibniz University Hannover students, currently offers 1GB of free storage with larger storage capacity and additional functionality accessible before long on a subscription basis.


Arne Moehle, the co-founder of the company, promised total data privacy: “All user data will be encrypted locally on the users’ devices before being transmitted to our servers. The data cannot be viewed or accessed by anybody and even us.”

Matthias Pfau, the other co-founder, told a little about their plans of making the source code of Tutanota freely available: “Email encryption is a great way to stop mass tracking on the Internet and our company wants that everybody could get an easy access to such technology.”

Two companies that offered secure e-mail services where shutdown about a year ago – Lavabit and Silent Mail. A few months after, Silent Circle and Ladar Levison, the founder of Lavabit, formatted Dark Mail Technical Alliance to develop a “unique encrypted end-to-end protocol and architecture that would be the ‘next generation’ of secure and private e-mail.”

All in all, encrypted e-mail services are essential for Internet privacy as well as VPN. Watchdogs in more and more countries are spying on their citizens therefore using VPN has become necessary just like setting a password on your router for instance.

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