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Cybersecurity News Overview Nov. 9 – Nov.16

Cybersecurity News Overview

Every week, we summarise the news from internet security and privacy world to keep you informed.

Cyber Security

JPMorgan’s 2014 Hack Tied to Largest Cyber Breach Ever //via BLOOMBERG

Apple and Google yank Instagram password-stealing app from app stores //via ZDNET

Android Gmail app security hole lets you pretend to be anyone online //via ZDNET

Cyber scammers will be out in force this holiday season: FBI //via SCMAGAZINE

Survey Finds 23% of Industry Executives Say Emerging Technologies are a Cybersecurity Risk //via WSJ

Japan Is Facing a Unique Challenge in Improving its Cybersecurity //via BIGSTORY

Data breaches and bots are driving cybercrime surge //via HELPNET SECURITY

Most companies ‘unaware of cyber breach costs’ //via VOXY

Internet Freedom

It’s about time we protected whistleblowers // via SMH

Turnbull orders rewrite of draft Australian cyber strategy via ITNEWS

Facebook user wins defamation battle over unflattering post // via SMH

FBI: “The allegation that we paid CMU $1M to hack into Tor is inaccurate” via ARSTECHNICA

Encryption is not the enemy: A 21st century response to terror //via ZDNET


MI5 Says It Has Relied on Hacking in ‘Majority of High Priority Investigations’ //via MOTHERBOARD

If the French police are watching potential terrorists, why can’t they stop them? via QUARTZ

Hacker Group Anonymous Announces ‘Biggest Operation’ Against ISIS After Paris Attacks //via NEWSWEEK


Dallas Buyers Club can’t directly interrogate ‘pirates,’ US judge rules // via TORRENTFREAK

TPP – analysis of the Intellectual Property Rights //via NordVPN


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Internet Freedom

  • UK Data Retention Law proposes to keep user online data for upto one year via NORDVPN
  • TPP: ISPs will hand over copyright infringer details // via ZDNET
  • Turns Out 90 Percent of the Internet’s Top Sites Leak Your Data to Third Parties via MOTHERBOARD
  • Global internet freedom has declined for the fifth year in succession: via FORBES


  • This Android malware is so bad, you might be better off buying a new phone //via MASHABLE
  • File-Encrypting Ransomware Targets Linux Users via SECURITYWEEK
  • The Pentagon Outsourced Its Coding to Russia (What Could Go Wrong?) via THEDAILYBEAST
  • The Economist’s Ad Blocking Circumvention Tool Exposed Its Users to Malware via QZ
  • Data Breaches Cost $1,000 Per Record: Study //via CREDITUNIONTIMES


  • FBI opens new chapter in war on encryption, ‘Going Dark’ //via NEWSCHANNEL5
  • Snowden surveillance revelations drive UK and US policy in opposite directions //via GUARDIAN


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