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Get our new free eBook: 20 cybersecurity terms you need to know

Cybersecurity can sound like a foreign language. Pick any topic in the field, start reading, and you’ll quickly get lost in a jungle of tech terms. That’s why we published this eBook — it introduces the basics by avoiding technical definitions and focuses on how cybersecurity affects your everyday life.

Lukas Ramonas

Lukas Ramonas

Get our new free eBook: 20 cybersecurity terms you need to know

From Antivirus to Zero-day exploit

The full title of our eBook is From Antivirus to Zero-day exploit: 20 cybersecurity terms you need to know. It’s written like a glossary that covers each topic in short chapters.

The eBook explains cybersecurity terms in a down-to-earth manner with examples and fun comparisons. Here’s an excerpt from the entry on firewalls:

“You’re standing in a line. When you reach the bouncer, he says, “No entry.” You turn back and head home — no clubbing today.

The bouncer enforces the rules on who gets into the club and who doesn’t. These rules are arbitrary — they depend on the club’s policies and external circumstances. For example, the club is full, or it’s hosting a private party.

In the same vein, a firewall stands between your local network and the internet. Like a digital bouncer, it enforces the rules on which traffic is good enough to enter your network.

A firewall allows traffic from trusted sources or IP addresses. Not on the list? Sorry, traffic, turn back and head home. That’s how a firewall protects your network from malicious internet traffic that could compromise your system.”

The book is filled with simple, clear explanations like these. It covers everything from antiviruses and hackers to cryptojacking and ransomware. Download it below for a complete list of topics you'll learn about.

Online life is normal life. Are you ready for anything?

Here’s what Troy Hunt, an expert and international speaker on web security and Advisory Board Member at NordVPN, had to say when he reviewed the eBook:

“Cybersecurity touches everything we do online and now more than ever, online life is normal life. By extension, cybersecurity threats are threats to our livelihoods and educating ourselves is essential for protecting our wellbeing. Everyone benefits from understanding the basics which is why the A-Z of cybersecurity terms is important for all of us to understand.”

If you’ve ever wanted to feel more comfortable around tech geeks, this is the place to start. It’s a short and fun read that will give you valuable information about online security and advice on how to stay safe online.

Download our free eBook PDF for a clear and simple introduction to cybersecurity.

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Lukas Ramonas
Lukas Ramonas Lukas Ramonas
When Lukas is not busy being a news junkie or playing with the latest gadgets, he loves to blog about tech and cybersecurity issues. He hates the idea of anyone collecting excessive data about him or his two cats.