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Canada Votes: Parties devided on Security & Privacy Issues Online

Parties devided on Security & Privacy Issues Online

October 19th is an election day in Canada. There are a number of issues journalists are calling deciding topics – Niqab Ban, Energy and the Enviroenment, Foreign Policy and/ or Healthcare. The issue of online privacy and security is not less important because it is affects the freedoms of Canadians and should be looked at more closely.

Just this year, Canada was in the news with the introduction of quite a few controvercial laws that limit peoples online freedoms. The introduction of Bill C-51, which aimed to be a counter terrorist initiative, has also introduced warrantless spying of ‘suspicious’ online activity, extended data retention regulations and more.

The introdution of Bill C-51

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Security Online. Where do parties stand? 

PC Conservatives

  • Passed Bill C-51, which gives law enforcement and spies broader powers to disrupt potential attacks. Concentrated on fighting terrorism which includes introducing tougher cybersecurity measures.
  • Wish to expend cybersecurity platform by introducing Protection of Canada’s Vital Systems Act – which will require “operators of vital cyber systems to implement robust cybersecurity plans that meet established standards, and to report cybersecurity breaches to the federal government”
  • On topic of Communications Security Establishment (CSE) – aka NSA of Canada – support giving the organization more autonomy
  • Do not believe CSE oversight body is necessary
  • National Cybersecurity priority


  • Although Liberals were in support of Bill C-51 – they wish to review it and amend ‘warrantless’ surveillance initiatives.
  • The Liberals Want to “limit Communications Security Establishment’s powers by requiring a warrant to engage in the surveillance of Canadians”
  • Support creation of CSE oversight body
  • National Cybersecurity and big business protection against attacks is priority


  • Would repeal the C-51 security legislation on the grounds that it infringes on civil liberties and is too vague.
  • NDP want to “end the practice of bulk collection of data as part of cyber surveillance by Canadian agencies.”
  • Support creation of CSE oversight body
  • Want to invest effort in IoT security
  • Personal security online is priority

Green Party

  • Stand against Bill C-51 and would repeal it if elected. Green Party position on Cybersecurity 

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