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Blackphone is Revolutionizing the Smartphone Security Market

The Blackphone

Every smartphone user who is concerned about privacy and security should rejoice since Blackphone is launching its own app store. The company strives to provide smartphone users with the latest security measures on their devices and are hoping to become more accessible to an average cellphone user.

The shop is set to start offering its service in January. All apps in the store will have to pass various security tests and be monitored to ensure no spyware or malware is attached to them, thus providing a safe and secure app for your device.

According to the CEO of Blackphone, Toby Weir-Jones, every app will be evaluated individually to determine that it does not require permissions that type of software would not normally need. For example if a social media account managing software asks permission to use your camera, they may consider contacting the developers of the software to find out the reason why the phone camera is required for the software to work.

A lot of work have already been put into testing various applications that are going to appear in the shop. Without a surprise there have been multiple applications that have been found to be spying on users by exploiting permissions to gain more freedom on the device. One of such applications was Android torch that provided device data and location to advertisers. The company has previously been fined by the US data privacy regulator.

The company is clearly dedicated towards improving the overall smartphone security which can be seen from their statement that they are not planning to do games or create mobile versions of social network apps. Their goal is to promote innovation in security and be a source of secure applications for both commercial and private users.

Nevertheless, that is not all the news from the Blackphone. They are also releasing a software that will allow to have several different work spaces at a time and applications will not be able to interact with data on other work spaces. It is especially useful for people who uses their phones for personal and also work matter. The software is called Spaces and is developed by a Canadian company – Graphite Software.

With the release of store and software Weir-Jones is expecting to enforce Blackphone’s position as security and privacy leaders in the smartphone market. Most of the Blackphone users are expected to be from enterprise-minded people who tend to be influential and their word of praise may be very important to other people who have less experience with Blackphone.

The CEO wants secure applications to become mainstream among the smartphone users but does not expect it to be an easy task since secure applications tend to be more expensive sometimes offer less features that are easy to notice, unlike the security.

Most applications, including Spaces, can offer protection on your device only. It means that the information that leaves your device most like remains unprotected and you can be spied by government for example. Probably the best and the easiest way to protect your internet traffic from third parties is by using VPN that encrypts your data preventing ISP and other third parties from seeing what you are doing online. NordVPN uses very strong encryption that prevents even the most experienced hackers from hacking the encryption, thus making your privacy intact.

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