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Beware Journalists: Hackers Are Targeting You

Google security professionals say that plenty of the world’s biggest news organizations are being aimed at by hackers that are probably sponsored by state.

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Shane Huntley and Morgan Marquis-Boire, Google security engineers, announced that 21 of the top 25 news organizations in the world have been targeted by hackers, when they spoke on Friday at the Black Hat hackers conference in Singapore. Those hackers are probably supported by foreign governments pursuing information.

Hacking sponsored by state has came into being of its own over the last several years. Various countries around the world, involving Russia, China and US, are assumed to be engaged in hacking to acquire information. There is no amazement that some hackers sponsored by state have expanded their scope to journalists, particularly considering the information many top journalists have on government officials and companies. Marquis-Boire and Huntley alerted that, meanwhile the tech industry is improving in coping with online security requirements, lots of journalists and news organizations just recently have discovered the threats.

In accordance with the Google researchers, a few of the main news organizations were hacked in the last year. Huntley explained one situation to Reuters where Chinese hackers acquired control to a news outlet by sending an infected questionnaire through email to journalists.

The major force of the hacks on news organizations has thus far come by email, however it is assumed that is just the beginning as hackers sponsored by state obtain other ways to target journalists.

It was said at the conference that Google monitors state-sponsored attacks and straightway alerts those who might have fallen victim to a hacking attempt. It is not known how other email providers keep track of the attacks and how they handle responses.

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