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Australian Government Is Investigating The State Of Cybersecurity


For the first time since 2008 Australian government is taking initiative to investigate the state of cybersecurity.

It is a follow up action of recently opened Australian Security Center in Canberra. According to the Prime Minister Tony Abbott the cybersecurity review will be conducted by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet with the help of security experts.

The team of experts consists of the CEO of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott; Cisco’s chief security officer, John Stewart; chief information security officer at Telstra, Mike Burgess; and Tobias Feakin who takes the position of the director of the International Security Policy Centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

The main aim of the review is to evaluate the risk of potential cyber attacks, the current security that government provides to the networks and information and how it is possible to improve it and the overall national security as well as the security of networks and information.

In the public announcement the Prime Minister notified that in the last year Australian Signals Directorate responded to almost 1000 “cyber incidents” that involve government agencies. That is 37% increase compared to the previous year. All these incidents cost over a billion Australian dollars to investigate and reduce any potential damage that may be caused afterwards.

Even though, it is going to be the first national security review since 2008, government had plans to perform the security investigation in 2012 though to public’s disappointment it was canceled.

Ever since that day public has expressed the need to investigate the state of the information security in the country. Earlier this year the Commonwealth, largest bank in Australia, has joined the public and called for the review to be performed as soon as possible.

The general manager of the bank, Ben Heyes, is very pleased with the news and says that even though the financial system is reasonably secure, there are cases that shows that it is far from perfect and actions are required to make sure that the continuous increase in the cyberthreat is stopped or at least decreased.

An other concern that Ben Heyes expressed is the ever increasing scale in the surveillance that decreases trust in the government. The manager said that the bank would be willing to discuss about the private and public information sharing and overall online security know how of the public. Such initiative would ensure that people are aware of the threats they and their private information face online and how to avoid it.

Cyber Security Operations Center is already operated by the Department of Defense and the plans are that even 95% of the staff will be from the Defense.

Both agencies are not merged together in order to provide a way for the industry to get into the Australian Cyber Security Center and work in cooperation with the government to improve the cyber security.

One of the first moves the during the security review was the establishment of ACORN. It is a new center where Australians can report cases of cybercrime. These reports are then forwarded to the agency specializing in the reported issue.

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