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Apple Responds to China’s Privacy Claims Over iPhone

Apple has denied allegations that its iPhone mobile devices threatens Chinese national security following reports made by the state broadcaster claiming that iPhones could transmit state secrets.

Chinese Central Television was informed by a researcher that iOS 7 Frequent Locations function is collecting data on individual iPhone users movements.

A statement by Apple noted that it has not and never will track its users. The company stated that it does not have any access to the data which is stored only locally and not backed up on iTunes or iCloud, the data is encrypted as well.

Apple added that it is committed to protect its users privacy and that users can turn off the function whenever they want.

Database of known locations was crowd-sourced from millions of devices to speed up Apple’s location-finding service. However, the company assured that none of the users that sent data from their phones can be identified.

Establishing a phone’s location utilizing just a GPS satellite data can take a couple minutes, iPhone can diminish this time to as little as few seconds by using already stored WLAN hotspot and cell tower location data. All this is done at the device level.

Apple claimed that it had never worked with any government agency to help spy on their device users.

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