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Americans polled on Privacy & Security Views

Americans polled on Privacy & Security Views

Recently PEW Research centre conducted a survey where Adult Americans, aged 18-50, were asked about various views on privacy, security and surveillance.

Researchers wanted to rate the importance Americans placed on maintaining privacy and confidentiality in their daily lives.

An overwhelming 93% of Americans believe that being in control of who can get information on you is important to them. In the post-Snowden era, this statistic is quite interesting, because people would seem to have a very strong opinion on the matter of privacy. Some observers think this might be a stark contrast to American behaviour when it comes to seeking change on the laws governing the very same issues concerning privacy. Case in point, the support of NSA is on the rise, despite recent mass phone record surveillance program being deemed illegal by the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, we can see 90% of American adults believe that it’s important the people have control over what information is collected about them.


In the other section of the report researchers investigate which companies and organisations US citizens feel confident in. The results were grim- with 31% confident that government agencies will keep their data private and secure and even less confidence shown towards social media sites- just 11% trusting their records will remain private.


The survey concluded that  over 60 percent of survey respondents felt they had little control over the records maintained by social media sites, search engine providers, and online video sites.

In summary, people don’t want their information being inappropriately used and would like to keep their data private, yet feel they have little to no say on the matter.

We’d like to urge internet users, that they can take the security and privacy into their hands by choosing to encrypt their information and using a VPN service. For now, however, only 10 percent of adults polled say they’ve encrypted their phone calls, text messages or emails, while another 9 percent have used a proxy server, Tor server, or VPN to browse the web anonymously.


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