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A Targeted Phishing Attack on Employees of Fidelity National Financial


An undisclosed amount of employees of Fidelity National Financial (FNF), which provides real estate settlement and title insurance services, have been attacked by a targeted phishing scheme that eventually led to a number of employees business email accounts being compromised.

FNF is one of the Fortune’s top 500 companies and it takes position of 316 in this top at the moment.

Attackers logged several times during the attack

The targeted phishing attack took place in April 2014, during which a particular amount of employees exposed their private credentials, granting the possibility for the attackers to gain access to restricted customer and other confidential business information.

There are no specific details available on the number of employees deceived into providing their username and password on the bogus log in page, nor there is any information about the attackers responsible for the incident being identified.

Nevertheless, on October 24, California’s Office of the Attorney General published a letter to the concerned customers, the letter was dated September 23. On this letter the chief compliance officer of the company says that the attackers have logged into a number of employee accounts – which are hosted by a recognized third-party service provider – with intermissions from April 14th till the April 16th, 2014.

However, there were no solid evidence acquired showing that the FNF internal systems have been breached and accessed without authorization, on the other hand there is a high probability that personal identification information might have been gained by the culprits. The attackers might have acquired personal information such as your social security number, credit or debit card number, bank account number and driver’s license number.

Rate of risk for customers said to be low

Appropriate federal law enforcement agencies have been informed about the attack, and a third-party security expert has been contracted to investigate and determine the nature and extent of the attack. In accordance with the third-party investigators, the main reason of the attack seems to be the intent to gain details about ongoing business transactions that would possibly let redirect some scheduled money transfers. As such, the common point behind the phishing attacks to gather vast amounts of financial information that would be then sold on carding forums does not seem like the case in this instant.

The exact number of individuals impacted by the attack whose information was exposed is undisclosed in the letter, however it should be in surplus of 500 in California alone. The attorney general has to receive a copy of the breach notice when there are more then 500 residents of the state affected, according to the law of California.

Nevertheless, FNF identified the risk related with this security breach as low. Despite that, security measures have been put in place to bring to a stop any similar events from repeating in the future. Enhanced security on email accounts and information with practical training is now available to help avoid any future breaches.

FNF has also started to offer 12 months of free membership for AllClear ID to the affected customers in order to mitigate the risk of identity theft, however customers need to activate this free feature themselves.

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