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A New Anti-Surveillance Tool Has Been Released by One of the Investigators of FinFisher


Four European and US human rights and IT organizations have cooperated to develop an open source software that is able to detect any surveillance spyware on your computer. The software is known as Detekt and is being promoted by organizations like Amnesty International, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International.

With all the recent leaks of government surveillance security experts saw a need for a ways to prevent being monitored not only by government but by the hackers as well since they can use your personal information to earn money. The software was developed by German security researcher, Claudio Guarnier. He was in a team investigating the FinFisher, also known as FinSky, that was widely used by governments to perform large scale surveillance.

The anti-surveillance software is capable of detecting spyware like FinFisher, other state-sponsored surveillance software or similar software that may be infecting your computer to see your e-mails, eavesdrop your applications and obtain various other information about you.

Guarnier and his team developed the Detekt primarily not as a malware detector but as an easily accessible and free utility tool for human right workers and anyone concerned about their privacy and the security of their data. His experience with the FinFisher helps him understand the severity of monitoring governments perform and the necessity of a tool to prevent it.

However, there is another goal that the team has with their software. They want to raise awareness on the scale of massive monitoring and that governments are overstepping humans rights. Detekt will hopefully act as a catalyst to start the debate between government and human right specialists to come to a compromise before the line of no return is crossed.

A principal analyst, Rob Bamforth, is happy that Detekt is very simple to use. However, despite acknowledging the cons of being open source software, like easily accessible and community may get involved in developing the software, he is also worried that similar tools have been already targeted by hackers to deliver a malware payload instead.

Due to the potential interference by hackers, Rob Bamforth believes that the best case scenario for Detekt is to be bought by a commercial entity that would ensure that users are given a malware-free software and that the project does not lack finances to be further developed in the future.

The biggest problem that tools similar to Detekt encounter is that it is close to impossible to keep the malware databases constantly updated as the hackers are always tracking the security tools to adjust their malware software to bypass them. Privacy international that promotes Detekt has been indexing spyware software for a long time and the cooperation may prove to be a step towards ensuring our privacy.

No matter what support Detekt may receive nobody is expecting an easy road towards their goals since the malware keeps getting harder to detect. That is why tools like Detekt need to provide multi-layered security means to prevent the spyware from infecting our computers which is hard due to the obfuscation techniques used to bypass security tools.

Tools like Detekt can provided only a layer of security to prevent spyware infecting your computer. However, government and other organizations are still have other methods to monitor us. One of these methods is your internet traffic. Third parties are able to see what you are doing on internet exposing your privacy to danger. However, you may prevent it by using a VPN. NordVPN uses sophisticated encryption methods to ensure that third parties can not look at your internet activities.

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