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A Hacker Is More Scary Than a Gun

The latest survey by Chapman University reflects that 2 out of 3 most feared things by Americans are related to internet and virtual data. 1,500 people took part in the survey and showed that people are most afraid of walking alone at night followed by previously mentioned fears.

All these fears have been mentioned more often than the fear of being the victim of a mass/random shooting. The placement of this fear in the list clearly shows that Americans are starting to take their privacy much more seriously and understand the value of the data that might be obtained about them.

The list of the 5 most feared things by Americans is finished with the fear of public speaking. A fear of public speaking also reflects the value of privacy and the desire to remain anonymous. These values have influence on the previously mentioned fears of being a victim of cyber attack or other virtual threats as it would cause their personal information to be exposed to third parties.

The research group wanted to receive the survey results that would reflect the problem they raised as closely to reality as possible. Therefore, they have included another question to the survey to find out what are the things that the people who took part in the survey are most worried and concerned about.

This question although being very similar to the first one helps the research group to explain what they want to know when asking what people’s fears and worries are. The list of the top 5 answers includes the expected answers of financial worries in the future as well as being concerned about getting sick/ill. However, they are not the two most common worries and concerns as they were only 3rd and 5th most commonly given answers, respectively.

The rest of the 5 most worrying and concerning things are all related to privacy on the internet. People are concerned about government surveillance of internet activity, they are worried about corporations doing the same and they are worried the most by the possibility that their identity may be stolen on the internet.

Even though there is apparently a high awareness level about the threats on the internet it does not mean that people are using any precautions to make improve their security regardless of how little effort it may take. For example, the survey also asked people what natural disasters people fear the most. The results showed that Americans fear tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods the most. Nevertheless, despite the fear of these disasters only every fourth American owns a disaster preparedness kit including necessary food, water and medical supplies to survive at least for 3 days.

It is clear that even though Americans are aware of the possible threats they are not willing to take precautions to minimize or even prevent possible damage. We highly recommend to take your anonymity and identity seriously and make sure to protect it using VPN. NordVPN takes our clients privacy very seriously and do not keep any logs at all to make sure your identity is intact.

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